14 hour — Insect Repellent

Insect Protect PRO

6 hour — Insect Repellent

Insect Protect

2x Washprotection

Clothing Insect Repellent

A game changer

An invisible, personal shield to keep biting bugs at bay.

Extremely strong protection, non-greasy, long-lasting and safe to use for all ages. Formulated in the USA, tested in the tropics, EKTA repellents are a cut above the rest, with groundbreaking efficacy and endurance.

The wild is calling

Insect Protect PRO

Product specs:
  • Effective against mosquitoes, ticks, midges and other biting insects
  • IR3535 Based Repellent
  • 14-hour average protection time
  • Slow-Release Technology
  • Lotion – efficient application
  • ‘Invisible’ feel
  • Mild and pleasant smell
  • Suitable for all ages, starting at 3 months and older

For those who chart their own path

Our Insect Protect Pro is a marvel of technology. Designed for endurance, we use a patented ‘Slow-Release Technology’, ensuring that the ingredient that repels mosquitoes does not evaporate quickly, giving you a full day of high-performance protection. The groundbreaking repellent is safe to use and has a soft touch, making it easy to apply and leaving no trace after a couple of minutes.

What does this mean for you?

An average of 14 hours of protection with just 1 application! Go ahead and own your adventure – EKTA has you covered. Pro-tip: Wash your clothes with EKTA’s Clothing Insect Repellent and add an extra layer of protection!

Everyone deserves to feel safe.

Insect Protect

Product specs:
  • Geraniol Based Repellent
  • 6-hour protection time
  • Spray – fast and clean application
  • Cooling and fresh feel scent
  • Available sizes: 180ml / 50ml
  • Suitable for infants 3 months and older

Make the family get-together fun again

Our EKTA Insect Protect is made with Geraniol – an oil commonly found in a variety of plants. It has excellent repellent properties, feels fresh, and is very easy to apply. Geraniol is chemically stable and especially non-neurotoxic for humans. With EKTA Insect Protect you feel natural – you feel safe!

What does this mean for you?

It is time to fire up that barbeque again! You get to focus on all the fun while EKTA Insect Protect takes care of your loved ones. Pro-tip: Wash your clothes with EKTA’s Clothing Insect Repellent and add an extra layer of protection!

Double the protection

Clothing Insect Repellent

Product specs:
  • Geraniol-based clothing protection
  • Repels insects from clothing up to 2 washes
  • Easy to use – simply use 10ml/kg with a normal wash cycle, or instead of fabric softener
  • Extracted from natural sources or synthetic
  • After drying maintains no odor/residual feel
  • Size: 180ml

Suit up your protection

Clothing is already a great form of protection against insects – but even then, some are known to bite through or crawl under the fabric. The EKTA laundry additive is designed to be washed into your clothes. The Geraniol inside the product gets absorbed into the fabric, making your favorite clothing resistant to mosquito and tick attacks. Further, it does not ruin your fabrics in any way.

What does this mean for you?

An additional layer of protection, and peace of mind when you are doing outdoor activities. Wash, dry, and forget about it! Pro-tip: Combine this with EKTA’s topical repellent and you are ready to take on the world.

Who we are

About EKTA

EKTA is a brand of Landcent, a company dedicated to accelerating the fight against malaria. Malaria is on the rise again with nearly 1700 lives lost daily to the disease. A child dies every minute from malaria.

Funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Landcent is focussed on discovering new active ingredients to fight malaria, to combat rising insecticidal resistance. To learn more about work and our several other products, visit Landcent.nl

Some common questions

Apart from our insect repellent products, we are developing preventive anti-malarial products such as bednets, indoor residual spray and preventive anti-malaria pills.

What’s the deal with DEET?

DEET is traditionally known as the best personal insect repellent on the market. So why don’t we use it? Great question!

It works, but at what cost?

We believe that protection against insects should not come at the expense of your own health. Even when DEET works, it is still an aggressive ingredient that only allows limited applications per day, and should not be used for longer than a regular vacation.

Protection for all ages

Because of its aggressive nature, high concentrations of DEET are not recommended for young children or pregnant women – and those happen to be the most heavily impacted by mosquito-borne diseases like Malaria. ‘That’s not right!’ you might think, and we agree! So, our products are safe for use for all ages. Only for the very youngest children among us below 3 months we recommend covering up instead of using any skin-product.

What’s that smell?

Mosquito’s are not the only thing you’ll be repelling with traditional repellent products – it often is not a great experience for us humans either. With EKTA you repel the insects, while letting your friends and family still enjoy your company. Now that’s a win-win.

Technology makes the mosquito go away

We have 2 active ingredients that we use to make EKTA Protect and Protect Pro so effective: - IR3535 - Geraniol but the secret lies in how the ingredients are packaged.

The smell of sweat and stale breath

Did you know that a mosquito ‘smells’ its way to your body? They can smell our sweat and carbon dioxide in our breath – and they can pick up on our body heat too. With this information you can probably guess how repellents work too: by making us smell bad to the little creatures!